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10 tips to running the perfect event for your company pt.2

6. Double check with acts and any speech givers they’re still scheduled

Make sure you have a clear schedule with timings for your event. Most importantly, make sure the entertainers, speech givers and MC’s are all booked in the week before so you’re schedule is confirmed. This saves any problems on the day of miscommunications again. Once again this is where an agency and AV company will come in handy, if there is any last minute dropouts or changes these can be covered by background music, or majority of agencies are obligated to help you find a replacement if theres ever a cancellation.

7. How many guests will be there?

Make sure you have the numbers of guests attending the event. This is to make sure the amount of seating is covered, there’s enough catering for everyone, and most importantly that the venue is big enough for your event. Bare in mind also people bringing a plus one to the event. Collect those numbers too, and always allow for a few more people too to make sure no one is left behind. This is also important for the venue to know as they’ll have a maximum capacity rule.

8. Is it an opportunity to advertise your business?

It may seem extreme to go big for a works event, but think about the advertising possibilities too! What kind of image or you trying to create to your clients? Do you want yourselves to look like a fun and caring business? Do you want to create a strong image of your success as a company to give clients reassurance of your presence as a company to trust you with their next contracts etc.

If you have large social media presence as a company or want to build social media to advertise, you need constant posts to engage. Social media users are very quick to forget about certain companies and services if they’re not freshly there as a reminder, using the images and videos from your events over the next few months will always keep you in mind to present or future clients.

9. Health and Safety

Down to the boring details. These are so important to check though. If you’re using a purpose built venue then they will have public liability insurance in place and PRS (publishing rights society) licensing incase you want to play your own music over speakers. Music that your streaming is only for personal use, and its classed as commercial use in an event situation, so make sure PRS is covered at the venue, or require a license for your event. You can find out more from information at:

Make sure your acts that are booked have public liability insurance to perform and that their equipment is PAT tested also. AV production companies will be able to provide both these documents for you, and sometimes the venue will ask the acts and vendors for these documents in advance so everything is taken care of, but it’s always worth asking the venue if this is sorted by themselves.

Remember, if you use your own unlicensed venue too, you may need to organise your own public liability insurance, and also an alcohol license if you plan to have drinks.

10. Invites/ Save the date

Make sure guests are available on the date, and also make sure that your event doesn’t tie in with a major event if its ticket based (big football matches/ public holiday etc)

Invites will help you establish very quickly how many guests you will need to cater for, theres no point catering for 150 people if you later find out that only 100 can make it to the event. This is a perfect opportunity to tally how many guests are coming too, to log names, and to take note of any allergies or dietary requirements. As mentioned in tip 7, it will help you know how many plus ones are also coming with the guests.

This blog was written by Todd Edwards, Managing Director at Flexy AV. Flexy AV are an audio visual production company based near Wrexham, North Wales. They have covered the UK for all events, including: business conferences, awards ceremonies, festivals and parties, and provide audio, film and lighting for all sized events. If an AV company is something you are considering for your event, email Todd Edwards at

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