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10 tips to running the perfect event for your company pt.1

1. Pick your theme

This is one of the most imporant aspects of your event. Is it Las Vegas theme with sparkle and lights? Is it a barn theme with hay bales and folk music? This really does set the mood for your guests, and its what people will remember the event for.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, think about how the other aspects affect it too!

Let’s say you’ve chosen a country theme, Think about the asthetics. I’ve seen some incredible event themes over the years, and the the simple things that make the difference. For example lets use a country music theme. I’ve seen theme include a mumford and sons style party band, hales bales to sit on, fancy dress booths for photographs, and sheriffs badges with guests names on. Even down to the venue either being outside (weather permitting) or maybe in a wedding barn venue. All of these small details when they come together will have such a big impact!

2. Where’s the entertainment?

Make sure you have entertainment to keep your guests occupied and to create an atmosphere .

This could be anything, from a band, singer, guitarist, pianist, to DJ’s, dancers, magicians or caricaturist. Think about what theme and mood you are trying to set for your event: are the clients reserved and would be prefer light entertainment, or do you want to everyone up and dancing and create a party atmosphere.

Keep in mind, musicians and bands may provide background music, or a djing option, but most musicians sets are either 2x 45 minutes or 2x 60 minutes so you’ll want to consider a DJ also.

From past experience, we highly recommend using an agency as they can advise you on what may suit your event and timings if you’re not too sure.


3. Don’t try to do everything yourself if you don’t have to

There are a lot of areas to cover when it comes to organising an event, and its good to have someone to double check the details with. This can be a colleague, or as previously mentioned in tip 2, using an agency to take the pressure away from oganising and finding acts etc.

Hiring an audio visual company will also take away the stress of speeches, showreels, lighting, as well as providing future advertising for your company via images and filming for websites and social media platforms.

4. Do any guests have allergies/ dietary needs for the caterers?

This may seem obvious, but its very easy to skip over the simple details like this sometimes. Check if any of your guests have allergies or dietary requirements so you can cater to everyone and will have no problems with that side of things. If its a works event, maybe even consider sending out a quick questionnaire or have everyone in the office fill in a form simply stating any dietary requirements. Remember, keep everything in one place so nothing can get miscommunicated then.

5. Do you have transport nearby incase you’ve forgotten something?

It’s always good to have a vehicle close to the venue just incase you’ve forgotten a folder, name tags etc.

This blog was written by Todd Edwards, Managing Director at Flexy AV. Flexy AV are an audio visual production company based near Wrexham, North Wales. They have covered the UK for all events, including: business conferences, awards ceremonies, festivals and parties, and provide audio, film and lighting for all sized events. If an AV company is something you are considering for your event, email Todd Edwards at

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